SHT30 Shield V2.0.0 SHT30 I2C Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module For D1 Mini
Product DescriptionFeatures:I2C InterfaceTwo user selectable addressesTypical accuracy ±3%..
2S 10A 7.4V 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board 8.4V Balanced Function Overcharged Protection
Product DescriptionSpecifications: Model: HX-2S-JH20 Overcharge voltage range: 4.25±0.05vSize: ..
2S 10A 7.4V 8.4V 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board Balanced Function Overcharged Protection
Product DescriptionSpecifications: Model: HX – 2S – D20 Overcharging rang..
2S 5A Li-ion Lithium Battery 7.4V 8.4V 18650 Charger Protection Board BMS for Li-ion Lipo Battery
Product DescriptionSpecifications: Model: HX-2S-A2 Overcharge voltage range: 4.25-4.35v &p..
3-color Full Color LED SMD Module Board KY-009 5050 For Arduino MCU
Product DescriptionOverview: The RGB LED module is made of a full-color LED chip. The PWM ..
30pcs ESP01/01S Adapter Board Breadboard Adapter For ESP8266 ESP01 ESP01S Development Board
Product DescriptionDescription: This is a common ESP-01 type bread plate adapter for ESP82..
30pcs Mini RS232 to TTL Converter Module Board Adapter MAX3232 120kbps 3-5V Serial Port
Product DescriptionDescription: A converter board for electrical levelsQuantity: 1 pieceCh..
30pcs RS232 to TTL Serial Port Converter Module DB9 Connector MAX3232 Serial Module
Product DescriptionFeature: It is widely used in radio modification, phone flash, GPS, veh..
328P Nano V3 Controller Board For Arduino Improved Version Development Module
Product DescriptionSpecification:Microcontroller ATmega328Operating Voltage (logic level): 5VIn..
3pcs Assembled Music Tesla Coil Mini Plasma Horn Speaker 15W 2A DC 15-24V Module
Product DescriptionDescription: Power: 15 WBoard size: 4.0×8.0 mmPower input: DC 15-2..
3pcs ATmega328P UNO R3 Development Board Improved Version Enhanced SCM Yellow Module For Arduino
Product DescriptionFeatures: 1. Replace the original ATMEGA328P-PU with the QFP package AT..
3pcs AVR MCU Minimum Learning System Development Board ATMEGA16A-PU/32A-PU Mega16 For Arduino
Product DescriptionFeatures: 1. All 32 I/O pins are pulled out.2. The classic ATmega16 mic..
3pcs DC 1.8V 3V 5V 6V 12V 2A PWM Motor Speed Controller 0~100% Adjustable Drive Module 1803B
Product DescriptionFeature: The input power range is DC 1.8-15V . Use a 2A resettable..
3pcs M5Stack 1 Pair 2×15 Pin Header Socket 2.54mm Male Female Connector for M5Stack Core Development Kit
Product DescriptionDescription: BUS-Socket is a pair of M-BUS socket, female and male. 2X1..
3pcs M5Stack Mini Angle Sensor Module Potentiometer Inside Resistance Adjustable GPIO GROVE Connector
Product DescriptionDescription: ANGLE is a potentiometer unit through which the angle of m..
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