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Noise source
Power: DC12V/0.3A
Output connect: SMA
1.5G/48DB 2G/38DB 2.5G/30DB,3G/27DB,3.5G/20DB, reference ENR: 0.1G/60DB 0.5G/55DB,1G/52DB,1.5G/48DB 2G/38DB 2.5G/30DB,3G/27DB,3.5G/20DB,
Q: What is this?what used?
A: Noise source, generator noise, used tracking generator, jam source
Q: What is the basic to used?
A: Used special voltage regulator tube, generator white noise and then amplifier. Directly replace tracking generator.
Q: What is ENR?
A: ENR ( Excess Noise Ratio), noise sources over standard noise temperature T0 thermal noise. Here refers to the difference of no input noise source and input noise source signal level.

Package includes:

1 x SMA noise source board

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