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Low-power ATM32 with integrated LoRa wireless transceiver and ST
Chip solution SX1276, built-in STM32L051C8T6
Ultra long distance, ultra low power consumption, super anti-interference, ultra high sensitivity
Working frequency band 433/470MHZ
Output power up to +17dBm
Module type: RHF78-052
Package: SMD-33
Size: 28x23x(2.95±0.1)mm
Communication interface: UART
Spectrum range: 433/470MHZ
Antenna form: external antenna
Maximum transmission power: 17±0.5dBm
Power supply range: 1.8~3.6V, typical value 3.3V
Communication Protocol: LoRaWAN Protocol Stack
Package Included:
1 x SX1278 Wireless LoRa Module RHF78-052 LoRaWAN Node Module

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