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The RF part of LoRa_Kit_151 is based on the Semtech SX127x chip module, and the main control chip is STM32L151CBU6. The product is positioned as a low power, cost effective LoRaWAN solution evaluation board. With the other products produced by our company, it is convenient to verify the complete LoRaWAN protocol.
- Internet of Things
- Meter concentrator
- Industrial Control Concentrator
- Security Alert System Gateway
- LPWAN base station
Size: 57 x 27 x 7 (14) mm
Working frequency band: 433MHz ~ 510MHz;
Transmitting power: 18dBm ± 1dBm, emission current: ≈100mA;
Receive sensitivity: -139dBm (SF12, bandwidth 125KHz);
- On-board CP2102 USB to serial port chip (connected to 151's USART1) for easy debugging and programming (driver);
- 2 LED indicators: Orange: Power indicator (flashing – power on; long – charging; off – charging completed), white: connected to PB8, high level;
- The RTC clock uses an external crystal of 32.768KHz;
- Onboard lithium battery charge and discharge management chip, can directly charge lithium battery or use lithium battery to supply;
- Complete STM32L151 Features: SPI, USART, IIC, GPIO, ADC…
- Provide SDK development kits that support the LoRaWAN Class A/C protocol;
- System resources: FLASH – 128K, RAM – 16K, EEPROM – 4K;
- User available resources: FLASH – 64K, RAM – 8K, EEPROM – 4K
Package Included:
1 x SX1278 LoRaWAN Node IoT Development Board

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